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Re: Poster Girl Records

On Wed, 30 Jul 1997, turmoil in tinfoil wrote:

> >As some of you may know (or at least we hope you do) Poster Girl Records
> >recently released our first single, a four band compilation 7" with the
> >Super Friendz, Zumpano, Cheticamp and the New Grand.
> Does Zumpano have an actual CD out. LP or EP? I haven't been able to find
> anything.

The CD's that Zumpano have out are following which are both released on 
Sub Pop :

'Look what the Rookie Did'
'Going through changes'

As well they released a 7-inch on Murderecords :

2 songs:
'Only thing under the sun'(different version from CD)/bw 'The Long and 
Winding Road(yes a Beatles cover, and IMO demolishes the original!)

They do have a video for one song(I haven't seen any others) :
'Behind the Beehive'

Regarding purchasing the CD's, you should be able to purchase, or if not, 
order the CD's through any of the big chain music stores like Sam's and