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Some Zumpano Info

Hello All,
It's been a while since I posted and I'm not even sure if I can post since
I somehow got unsubbed and never got around to resubbing, C'est La Vie!
(well darnit, had to sub to get this out to you friendly people!)

Zumpano have 2 full length CD's out on Sub Pop as well as a 7"
They also have a 7" on murderecords and one on Poster Girl :-)
Plus they have a track on a recent Rhino Compilation of "pop music" details
available if anyone wants them.

The CD's on Sub Pop are
Look What The Rookie Did 
Goin' Through Changes  (also on Vinyl at the "cooler" stores)
if the store you shop at doesn't have them ASK FOR THEM
and tell the Clerk that they are distributed by Warner Music Canada
(that means that Rotate as well as Tower or HMV or Sams should carry it)
or call 1-800-subpop-1 and order one!

hoping you are all having a good summer

also for anyone living in Vancouver, Zumpano are doing a show there oon
Saturday August 9 at the Brickyard with Banana Crash and another band whose
name escapes me right now.

(that Sub Pop Canada Person)

>>ya, they have 2 ful length cd'z, and sum 7inchs and....
>>>>As some of you may know (or at least we hope you do) Poster Girl Records
>>>>recently released our first single, a four band compilation 7" with the
>>>>Super Friendz, Zumpano, Cheticamp and the New Grand.
>>>Does Zumpano have an actual CD out. LP or EP? I haven't been able to find
>Well, I haven't been able to find them anywhere. Know of any stores that
>would carry them? I'm in Toronto. Are the CDs too indie or something?
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