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Off the Hook/ NSCAD show

A non-Sloanneter friend of mine named Debra just informed me that TVO 
will be repeating Sloan's Off the Hook tv appearance on Sat. Aug 2 at 
9:30am and 6:30pm, and on Aug 5 at 12:30pm (So Jane, I don't need the 
tape of this! Thanks anyway!) I got in contact with Catherine 
Stockhausen recently, and she had informed me that there are plans of 
taking the NSCAD art exhibition on a full tour around Nova Scotia, and 
maybe even all of Canada - I'm keepin' my fingers crossed... An article 
on the exhibition will also be in the Sept issue of Chart.

-Elaine :)
P.S. Cat, Kel, whomever else - I will write soon!

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