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Live "Before I Do"

Hello folks. 

I posted last week about trying to get some live Sloan,
possibly something which includes "Before I Do"
(at least they way they do it now).  

I got a reply or two, but I haven't heard anything from
anyone since and I don't know if I'm just not getting
my mail or if those people that replied to me just
forgot.  I was going to send a tape and postage
to apilchak, but I don't have an address to send to.

Anyway, if anyone else has some live Sloan stuff,
etc., please email me and we can work out a trade
or tape+postage deal or whatever works.

Please use my personal address if possible as I'll be
more likely to see it right away.  It's KhadejahJ\!/aol.com.

Thanks and TA!