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Re: singles

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         so have any of the songs off of OCTA been released as singles to the
 public in the states yet?...are any going to be?

SIngles as in 'songs played on the radio frequently', or as in 'record with
two songs on it that you have to drive really far to buy'?
If you mean the former, then the enclave has released both 'The good in
everyone' and "EVerything you've done wrong to US Radio stations, and they
have recieved a fair amount of play here (Detroit Area).  I was in buffalo
the other weekend, and every single time I turned on the radio I heard
'Everything You've Done Wrong.'  The station had even got the boys to do a
little intro ("Hi I'm Patrick Pentland..." "And I'm Chris Murphy, and we're
from the band sloan, and You're listening to blah blah blah alternative
blah.") Both songs have had their video played on MTV at least once.
The enclave also released a 7" with The Good In Everyone as the A side and a
demo version of Autobiography as the B-side. 

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Does anyone know what's up with the enclave? Did they die with EMI? Are they
going it alone? Did they get absorbed by VIrgin records? I've heard a few
stories and was just curious.