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Re: singles

        I live near Windsor so i pick up the majority of the Detroit area
stations that might play Sloan, and i can only think of 89x (who played them
regardless, but only Good in Everyone off of OCTA) and the planet....and i
have yet to hear it on the planet (96.3) and only very very rarely on
89x....as for Buffalo, cool....

        the 7", where would that be available?  

>SIngles as in 'songs played on the radio frequently', or as in 'record with
>two songs on it that you have to drive really far to buy'?
>If you mean the former, then the enclave has released both 'The good in
>everyone' and "EVerything you've done wrong to US Radio stations, and they
>have recieved a fair amount of play here (Detroit Area).  I was in buffalo
>the other weekend, and every single time I turned on the radio I heard
>'Everything You've Done Wrong.'  The station had even got the boys to do a
>little intro ("Hi I'm Patrick Pentland..." "And I'm Chris Murphy, and we're
>from the band sloan, and You're listening to blah blah blah alternative
>blah.") Both songs have had their video played on MTV at least once.
>The enclave also released a 7" with The Good In Everyone as the A side and a
>demo version of Autobiography as the B-side. 

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