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Bucket Truck - the Beatles - etc.

Hey everybody,

If your going to be in the St. John's vicinity for the next couple weeks
here are a few Bucket Truck shows that I'm going to shamelessly promote:

- Thursday July 24th (this week)
- Bucket Truck and Drive
- It's the Grand-Opening Party for the Edge on George Street and also the
first time Bucket Truck has played with Drive since the New Year's bash at

- Thursday July 31st (next week)
- Bucket Truck, Drive, Fur Packed Action, Susan Gale, Raquel Hoekman, Jeff
Windsor, and more all play Beatles songs all night as part of the big
Beatles tribute night at the LSPU Hall. Should be a lot a fun - in great
spirit of past events, the Dylon-fest and Janis Joplin Tribute...

- Friday August 1st (next week too)
- Bucket Truck with special guests T.N.B. (Newfoundland's first Hip-Hop
group's debut show!)
- This will not only be the first show for T.N.B. but it will also be the
first time that Bucket Truck play under the stars, four stories up, on the
new Junctions deck - the Fishtank. Fun fun!

In other news, the CD is still in the works and we're still waiting to hear
if we'll get to come to see everyone in Halifax as part of the Halifax On
Music festival. Our submission is in, so if anyone can pull some strings
for us - please do.  :^)

See ya,