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The Morning After

Hi, this is Jon Hill here. Anyone who has kept up with the underground scene in Halifax 
has probably heard of two bands, one of them being The Morning After and the other being 
Holiday Snaps. Well, the Morning After is my band and took a horrible blow when Andy, our 
lead guitar player left to play with the Holiday Snaps. No hard feelings, no running with 
scissors, but it did leave us the task of trying to reinvent ourselves. Well, we have 
found harbor with Matt Banks, a rather affable chap who has agreed to play sixties style 
organ among other things for use. A real professional sort of guy. Well, thats all. Check 
out our webpage:
What you will find here is the old site, in a week there will be a new one up, heavy on 
the javascript and short stories and whatnot.
Thanks, Jon.