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Re: halifax/saint john/moncton

>hey sloannet!  i'm going to be in halifax friday and saturday august 1st 
>and 2nd and i was wondering if anyone could give me the names and 
>addresses of good record stores and clothing stores and just cool stores, 
>and also if any shows are going on (well, maybe it's kinda far in advance 
>to know about any shows, but...).  all the week after that i'm going to 
>be in saint john nb so if anyone could tell me the same for there too.  
>and also friday saturday and sunday the 8th-10th of august i'm going to 
>be in moncton so if anybody could tell me the same for there, it'd all be 
>greatly appreciated.  thank,
>                                                    -Sarah:)

well, there's a great Sam the record man on barrington street with a
comprehensive section of canadian/east coast indie stuff....also on
barrington (just one block over) is Urban Sound Exchange, which is a pretty
good used cd store, if you catch it on the right day (things are in and out
quite often...if you're looking for anything in particular just ask the guy
at the desk to scan for it on the computer)....up two blocks is TAZ records
which has a huge collection of records, but I've met better
staff.....basically just go to downtown halifax and walk around and there's
tons of great stores
hope that helps!

Eat lots of cheese, be nice to your mom,
and everything will turn out okay.