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stareoscopic scary show...

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>Subject: stareoscopic scary show...
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>today i got a letter from heather (of 'tally' fame) and she told me
>that she is releasing the stareoscopic scary show on cd! she said to
>spread the word, i figured you guys would care.. here are the details...
>songs by purple knight, tara s'appart, the monoxides, the hc5 (hub cap
>five), elevator to hell, moon socket, burnt offerings, bad luck #13,
>villnovans, orange glass, the underdogs, earth a.d., the chinstraps,
>broken girl, idea of north, thee suddens, eric's trip..
>17 bands, 25 songs in 24 tracks. selected by rick white.. heather
>describes it as "the most wonderful, heart-stopping, scary/lullaby
>dream songs i've ever heard. a dizzy spin into crystal clear beauty. an
>incredible mix of diverse musical styles that stands out as a true
>testimonial to the revolution." wow.
>and i think there's more on it than the now sold out tape version
>released by rick and tara a few years ago.... some extra bands, and
>some extra songs. it's $15 (some of the proceeds will go to an animal
>welfare organization in moncton) to heather harkins, 6356 summit
>street, halifax ns, b3l 1r9. and send her $1/trade/stamps for tally
>okay? i just thought a bunch of you would be interested... bye.