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FW: Sloan & Redd Kross in San Diego

This is a review of Sloan's San Diego show, by Adam Gimbel,

Adam Gimbel wrote:
> Holy moly.  Talk about one of the greatest days ever!
> During the day, me and the little, er tall woman went to Comicon, the
> nation's largest comic book/sci-fi convention.  No, I'm not into comics,
> Trek or all that jazz but it's great people watching and Kevin Smith
> (writer/director of Clerks, Mallrats & Chasing Amy) was speaking.  He was,
> of course, supa cool and their booth had amazing posters (the blueprints
> from Mallrats!) and t-shrits ("Fly Fatass Fly!")  Check the viewaskew.com
> site for details.
> The show was at Brick By Brick & Summer & I overcame drowsiness with severe
> hyperness at the thought of seeing Sloan & Redd Kross together.  Plus, in a
> very rare occurance, I'd actually talked 8 people into going to the show.
> I talked to a few of the Sloan guys superquick and talked to their sound
> guy Brendan (VERY nice) for awhile.  Other Star People (featuring Jennifer
> Finch from L7) were VERY rockin' & tight but not exactly my cup of tea.
> Played some Arkanoid and joined Summer upfront for Sloan who were great.
> Chris honored my 500 Up request instantly even though he didn't wanna play
> it.  They did a little from every album and a song called Mr. Sassafrass
> (cover?) and a great fun cover of the Smith's What Difference Does It Make
> which looked semi-impromptu but they did the whole thing.  Chris' bass
> strap broke near the end and he knelt down to have me fix it midsong.
> Looking at the tiny bit of duct tape that had been holding it together I
> thought he surely wasn't asking me to do that and pushed his glasses up his
> nose where they were millimeters from dropping off.  He motioned down to
> the strap and I took the little bit hanging off the bass & smacked it onto
> the strap the best I could.  He leaned over and told me to put it in the
> hole on the strap.  I grabbed the little bit again, saw a small hole and
> went to push it through to the other side so I could tie it or something
> but the hole didn't go through to the other side.  I felt like public idiot
> #1 trying to find out how in the hell it would hold and just gave up.  A
> roadie finally came running out with a new strap.  The end harmonies on
> Anyone Who's Anyone floored me and makes me wonder why they don't do more
> of those harmonies.  They have 4 singers and it's the only time in the set
> they did a 3 part harmony.  Vely good shoa.
> Still right up front for Redd Kross, I downed a kahlua & cream (an EXTREME
> rarity for this non-drinker) and got ready to rock.  Talked to other big
> dumb fans like me and was floored by them opening w/Teen Competition.  They
> weren't as loud as I've heard them in the past (thank Gawd) and were full
> of great moves, facial expressions and general rawk godliness.  It's been 6
> years of waiting to see them headline and it was well worth it.  I jumped
> up and down like a goofball and Summer swooned over Jeff.  Steve had a lot
> of problems with his bass amp which resulted in Steve doing a song by
> himself on his knees that was awesome.  He was trying to think of a song to
> do that didn't have bass and I suggested Beatles (duh) figuring he'd do one
> of the solo acoustic ones and but they did I Need You(!) without bass but
> with Steve doing the harmonies. It was STELLAR!  They did tons of stuff
> from the last two albums including Crazy World with Steve's latest steady,
> Anna from that dog coming out to sing a bit of a song from Annie (the one
> that goes "He may be straightening his tie") during the quiet part and
> Steve asking her, "Hey Anna, how come a missile looks like a cock?" "I
> don't know, Steve."  "Well, how come the world is so fucked up?" "I dunno,
> Steve" etc.  It was hilarious.  She started to quietly croon "It's a crazy,
> crazy world we live in..." and I was practically jumping out of my skin
> yelling "Freak out, Anna!"  Unreal.  They did a few from Neurotica but I'm
> still clueless on that record (I know, I know).  Anyways, their encore was
> Annette's Got The Hits followed by A Hard Day's Night (w/o Jeff playing
> guitar) right into the Kinks' Fancy with Jeff sitting, squatting, and then
> standing (his head was an inch from the rafters) on a small road case.  My
> friend James who introduced me to the mid-60's Kinks was in utter
> amazement.  Possibly the best show I've ever seen in my life.
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> CD for the day (I've brought 1 to work everyday, alphabetically, since Nov
> 95)
> This Living Hand-Consolation Prize promo
> The band WAS called Spoon and the label I worked for re-released this
> beautiful, slow album.  We took all of their leftover CD's from when they
> were Spoon, took a black sharpie and marked out the band name on the CD,
> put in a new insert & mailed them out as promos. I still see 'em sometimes
> in used CD stores in LA.  One of the guys in the band just found my site
> and thanked me for mentioning them without realizing it was me (he knows me
> by my nickname Max).  Small world.
> Recent show: Redd Kross/Sloan/Other Star People at Brick By Brick (SD)
> One of the greatest nights of my life.  Sloan played my requests despite me
> not being able to fix Chris' bass strap (he knelt in front of me for help).
> Redd Kross absolutely KILLED.  I completely bought into their rock star
> posing and screamed my head off at every dramatic look and jump.  Unreal.