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stareoscopic scary show... (fwd)

i thought i'd forward this to sloannet. i told heather i'd post about 
this for her, but i was beaten to the punch!

p.s.- anyone in toronto interested in one, i might be coming up with some 
in mid-august. 

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Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 12:47:43 -0400
From: Tom Evans <Tom_Evans\!/on.infoshare.ca>
To: ET_etc\!/bronze.interlog.com
Subject: stareoscopic scary show...


today i got a letter from heather (of 'tally' fame) and she told me
that she is releasing the stareoscopic scary show on cd! she said to
spread the word, i figured you guys would care.. here are the details...

songs by purple knight, tara s'appart, the monoxides, the hc5 (hub cap
five), elevator to hell, moon socket, burnt offerings, bad luck #13,
villnovans, orange glass, the underdogs, earth a.d., the chinstraps,
broken girl, idea of north, thee suddens, eric's trip..
17 bands, 25 songs in 24 tracks. selected by rick white.. heather
describes it as "the most wonderful, heart-stopping, scary/lullaby
dream songs i've ever heard. a dizzy spin into crystal clear beauty. an
incredible mix of diverse musical styles that stands out as a true
testimonial to the revolution." wow.
and i think there's more on it than the now sold out tape version
released by rick and tara a few years ago.... some extra bands, and
some extra songs. it's $15 (some of the proceeds will go to an animal
welfare organization in moncton) to heather harkins, 6356 summit
street, halifax ns, b3l 1r9. and send her $1/trade/stamps for tally

okay? i just thought a bunch of you would be interested... bye.