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well, what's goin on....

        so, finally someone gave a review of a Sloan gig with Red
Kross...but at the same time, i'm wondering, since they're out there, if
they have the chance of maybe doing RockLine (live radio show) or (more
likely) LoveLine....i dunno if they're being pushed on KROQ (the supposed
"make it or break it" station out there which LoveLine is on) at all, but
some of the guests on the show have certainly been less famous than Sloan,
even in America.....plus, Chris would be hilarious on a show like this....so
does anyone have any ideas or know any kind of rumours?

        to the people that recorded that interview and had some of the
soundcheck footage...where are you?  I mailed you a while ago....please mail
me back...thanks...

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