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why is it that everytime i check my email after coming back from downtown
there's something that relates to my recent experiences? in this case, i
just came back after looking for the treble charger issue of chart (new
lesson learned: either pick each issue up as soon as it hits the stands or
pool pop bottle return money for a subscription) and coming back w/the
radiohead issue. a few things: the price has gone up! it's now $2.95. but
regarding your question: although i don't live in hali, i'd suggest
looking at sam the record man.
or better yet, just head over to www.chartnet.com--they have a page
telling you where you can find chart! 

also, on page 21, there's a ballot for sexiest canadian musician. there's
a warning that those caught voting for themselves will be highly
ridiculed--and they add, "Chris Murphy, we're looking in your general
direction..." justified, dont'cha think?

don't even get me started on the grand and toy promo trauma (no ballots!).

chris clements wrote:
> Is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me...
> Jeez this place is deader than a porcupine trying to cross the road. I've 
> tried to start some conversation (even if it was off topic) and it hasn't 
> worked. So, now a question for the folks in Halifax.... Does anybody know 
> where I can get a copy of the new issue of Chart? I usually get them at  
> MusicWorld in Halifax Shopping Center, but they only have last month's, 
> you know the one with treble charger on front. Oh, and who did everyubody 
> vote for the Coast to carry.... Life in Hell, or Marlys? I had to pick 
> Life in Hell, it's  one of the best comics I have ever read.
> "I am excretus of Borg. Prepare to be ASSimilated" -Space Moose