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Re: pink floyd

On Sun, 20 Jul 1997, turmoil in tinfoil wrote:

> >Is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me...
> >Jeez this place is deader than a porcupine trying to cross the road. I've
> >tried to start some conversation (even if it was off topic) and it hasn't
> >worked. So, now a question for the folks in Halifax.... Does anybody know
> >where I can get a copy of the new issue of Chart? I usually get them at
> >MusicWorld in Halifax Shopping Center, but they only have last month's,
> >you know the one with treble charger on front. Oh, and who did everyubody
> >vote for the Coast to carry.... Life in Hell, or Marlys? I had to pick
> >Life in Hell, it's  one of the best comics I have ever read.
> Who's on the cover of Chart for this month?

This month, I think it's Radiohead. And their new cd 'OK Computer' is 
AWESOME!! If you like Radiohead at all you should check it out.

> Well, although Life In Hell is a really great comic, I'd definitely have to
> pic Marlys. Life In Hell is way cool because of Matt Groening and stuff,
> but Marlys is funny, goofy, and all around stupid. I can't help but LOVE
> that comic! :P

MArly's is GREAT, but nothing compares to Life in Hell. Nothing. But to 
each his  own I guess.

> Limbliker.