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CD Rom

Hey all!
If any of you out there live in Toronto, take a trip on down to a 
downtown HMV to get a FREE 102.1 The Edge CD Rom, featuring a "never 
before seen video" by Sloan. The video is actually a live performance of 
"The Good in Everyone" done at the Concert Hall (it actually looks more 
like a bootleg done off of someone's cheap video cam, with the scratchy 
black and white footage - but it's good nonetheless...except for the 
spastic quick cutting of camera shots, which gave me motion 
sickness...)The CD rom also features stuff from the Super Friendz, 
Limblifter, Age of Electric, MAdE, and Genocide amongst others. But you 
have to first purchase one of the selected CDs in order to get the CD 
Rom. Anyway, I'll shut up now.


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