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Re: CD Rom

If someone would be willing to pick me up a copy of this i'll send $ for 
postage.  please?

Elaine Hsu wrote:
> Hey all!
> If any of you out there live in Toronto, take a trip on down to a
> downtown HMV to get a FREE 102.1 The Edge CD Rom, featuring a "never
> before seen video" by Sloan. The video is actually a live performance of
> "The Good in Everyone" done at the Concert Hall (it actually looks more
> like a bootleg done off of someone's cheap video cam, with the scratchy
> black and white footage - but it's good nonetheless...except for the
> spastic quick cutting of camera shots, which gave me motion
> sickness...)The CD rom also features stuff from the Super Friendz,
> Limblifter, Age of Electric, MAdE, and Genocide amongst others. But you
> have to first purchase one of the selected CDs in order to get the CD
> Rom. Anyway, I'll shut up now.
> -Elaine
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