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sappy tour dates

here are the sappy tour dates for july and august.

as always check your local listings regarding the shows listed since
anything can happen.  but these are the shows as of today.

07/24 granby, pq
07/25 montreal, pq (the jalehouse)
07/26 ottawa, on (the cave)
07/27 kingston, on 
07/28 toronto, on (holy joe's....it's inside the big bop/reverb)
07/30 st.catherines, on (the vault)
07/31 kitchener, on (wherever the korova cafe shows are now)
08/01 hamilton, on (the loft)
08/02 london, on (call the office)
08/03 Windsor, on (the taradactyl)

the bands on the tour are: lonnie james, the peter parkers, julie doiron and
the wooden stars.  the new lonnie james and the peter parkers 7"'s will be
available at the shows but julie's new album won't.  however she's touring
again in september.  just in case you don't know, julie's new cd/lp will be
out on aug 26th.

don't be a chump, go to the shows.


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