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wow, tyson really took a chunk out of holyfield's ear

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-> Hey guys, sorry about those earlier posts. I didn't know I was subbed. I 
-> forgot how to sub so I sent these stupid things off  to sloannet to get 
-> their attention and try to find out how to sub. Or, to quote Mike Tyson 
-> "I snapped". 
-> Anyway, how come anyone who's anyone on here was bitching 
-> about getting a newsgroup, and now that we've got one, no one's using it? 
-> I dunno, seems strange to me. Or is everyone just too comfortable with the 
-> spam-free sloannet to use what they wanted?  We (myself included) remind 
-> me of greedy little kids who want all the toys but only play with one or 
-> two of them.
-> "I am excretus of Borg. Prepare to be ASSimilated" -Space Moose
I would like to use the thing, since I did propose it and write the control
message, but my stupid ISP keeps ignoring me when i request it!! Pretty bad
when the creator can't get access to the group! And there is too much spam
on it :P A few ppl are posting tho. I've read it once, but DejaNews dosen't
seem to want to let me post to it :P I really have to switch ISPs soon. Do
all you guys have access? If not just write your system admin. Hopefully they
won't ignore you. :P Good luck :)