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how to make sizzle teen laugh

(the sloan version)

1.  go to Grand & Toy (we'll use the one at the Rideau Centre for this

2.  pick up a flyer

3.  turn to your left

4.  jump back out of fear, then realize what you're looking at, and laugh
out loud :)

What am i talking about?  Well, Grand & Toy (an office products chain in
Canada) has a contest going on.  You have a chance to: "WIN! A Concert For
Your School With SLOAN".  I kid you not.  This, of course, takes place in
the form of a draw, and only people attending Canadian secondary or
post-secondary schools in Canada may enter.  

Still, imagine my initial fear when I saw this huge (bigger than
me - although that's not much of a challenge!) cardboard cut-out of the boys
circa _Twice Removed_ (the one with Jay in his rapper mode/Chris  with his
cheek against Andrew's back pic), yet coloured in _One Chord To Another_

			...sizzle teen

p.s.  i'm just joking around - i didn't laugh out loud.  Just smirked ;) haha

               sizzle teen :) ... dc867\!/freenet.carleton.ca
             Poster Girl Records ... _in the meantime..._ zine