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wow, tyson really took a chunk out of holyfield's ear

Hey guys, sorry about those earlier posts. I didn't know I was subbed. I 
forgot how to sub so I sent these stupid things off  to sloannet to get 
their attention and try to find out how to sub. Or, to quote Mike Tyson 
"I snapped". 

Anyway, how come anyone who's anyone on here was bitching 
about getting a newsgroup, and now that we've got one, no one's using it? 
I dunno, seems strange to me. Or is everyone just too comfortable with the 
spam-free sloannet to use what they wanted?  We (myself included) remind 
me of greedy little kids who want all the toys but only play with one or 
two of them.

"I am excretus of Borg. Prepare to be ASSimilated" -Space Moose