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Re: local rabbits

At 01:08 PM 7/18/97 PDT, you wrote:
>hey!  cool kids!  does anyone know when the Local Rabbits are 
>playing at Club Shanghai in Toronto, and whether or not it's all ages.
>I heard it was on Saturday, but I don't know what time.  
>A response will result in my undying respect.

The Show is Saturday July 19th ... tonight.  The Local Rabbits are playing
at Shanghai ... Spadina street near Dundas.  Not hard to miss.  Don't know
what time though and I don't know if it's all ages.  I'm guessing it isn't
because it's ... a bar.  I have to work ... so no can go for me.



p.s. If I find out more info, I'll write again.

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Novacain/Marty Malt, Aug. 2nd show cancelled.  To be rescheduled soon.
Email for details.