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Sloan in Sacramento, CA!!!


What a weekend.  It all started when I got up at 4 am.
on Sat. morning to hop a plane to California from
Seattle.  After some fun, some driving, etc., we finally
hit Melarkey's on Sacramento to catch Sloan open
for Redd Kross.  I'm not sure if many people in the
club knew who Sloan were, but it didn't matter, because
a lot of folks there really dug 'em.  (I even let a nice
couple in on a secret... that there was still one copy
of Twice Removed left at a nearby record store and that
they'd better go get it ... fast.)

Anyway, Sloan sounded great.  Apart from a couple of
technical difficulties (one of which all but prevented Jay 
from singing "The Lines You Amend", which Chris took
over), it went pretty well.  Chris is pretty good at 
involving the audience.  Poor Jay looked pretty upset
during his song, though.  I wanted to go hug him.  I
did get to chat with him after the show to let him know
that they did a great job.  He mentioned that Redd Kross
cancelled the Seattle date due to illness, so I guess 
everything worked out for me in the end.

Question.... Does anyone have a recent live version
of "Before I Do"?  I never heard that played live before
and I loved the new arrangement.

Well, a good weekend overall.  (Not to exclude a mention
of Redd Kross ... they ruled ... enough said  ... but I
was there to see Sloan.)  I was starting to think I
was crazy for flying out to see them, but knowing what
I know now, I'd be kicking myself silly if I didn't.

Now, the wait for new material begins.....