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Re: "...Cinnamon Toast 45's but not a single .33"

On Fri, 11 Jul 1997, Scott Horwood wrote:

>    "She was hipper than most,she had the Cinnamon Toast 45's and not a
>     single 33."
>  The way I took the line was with an emphasis on "hipper". "She" bought
> all the 45's as opposed to a late-comer like me who bought the 33 rpm
> compilation Trim Crusts....which compiled tracks from each CT 45 single.
> Any takers??
oddly enough, prattle on started to play just after i decided to reply to
 she could be seen as hipper, but aren't many of those singles
still available? it doesn't say exactly that she had ALL of them. it's
just implied. she might also have the trim crusts comp, where she might've 
learned that she'd been playing the cheticamp single at the wrong speed.
the world's most embarrasing moment is playing now (i love the shuffle