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Re: "...Cinnamon Toast 45's but not a single .33"

On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, Darryl wrote:

> Catherine Moore wrote:
> > no, but the other day i had one of those moments where a line makes you
> > wonder...it's from prattle on, the opening line "she was hipper than most,
> > she had the cinnamon toast 45s and not a single 33" does this mean she had
> > all the singles that played at 45 rpm but didn't have the ones played at
> > 33? and what about the plumtree single where the aside is 45 and the b is
> > 33? did she just own that on time share? am i just being picky?
> I thought that this was a play on words. a .33 and .45 being some
> calibur of
> firearm and also being vinyl record sizes. So, saying she had the
> cinnamon
> toast 45's (records) but not a single .33 (gun)? Am i totally off the
> rocker
> here or what? is there even such a thing as a .33 calibur firearm? Sorry
> for not being the deerslayer gun know-it-all. ;)
   "She was hipper than most,she had the Cinnamon Toast 45's and not a
    single 33."
 The way I took the line was with an emphasis on "hipper". "She" bought
all the 45's as opposed to a late-comer like me who bought the 33 rpm
compilation Trim Crusts....which compiled tracks from each CT 45 single.
Any takers??