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savory #3

hey guyz,
savory #3 has been out for about a month now, but i am thee laziest gurl in
the world so haven't posted on here about it yet....here's the scoop

east coast content:
A really silly local rabbits interview
an interview with orange glass
intimate & interactive: autin vs. mcgettigen - this is charles of SFZ and
ian of thrush hermit interviewing each other about the concepts of rock
videos. very, very funny. 

other stuff:
big sebadoh article, jawbox goodbye, scene reports, comics, hHead interview, 
the usuals: zine reviews, music reviews, label contacts, stories about:
veganism, autism, why the prom should be boycotted, DIY shows, photos (yo
la tengo, wooden stars etc.) so, yeah. it's really big. it's $3ppd to me at:

11 leslie st.
london ontario
n6h 2j1

anyone that i owe copies of savory to still (#2 or #3) please get in touch
with me :)


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