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Re: Sloan/SFZ

On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, Melissa wrote:

> 3. I finally got the new SFZ album for my birthday on Friday. It's very
> good, which I guess goes without saying. Anyway, I remember the first
> time I saw the video for Up and Running on Mucheast the I thought the
> song sounded kind of like Blue Rodeo. Did anyone else notice this too?

no, but the other day i had one of those moments where a line makes you
wonder...it's from prattle on, the opening line "she was hipper than most,
she had the cinnamon toast 45s and not a single 33" does this mean she had
all the singles that played at 45 rpm but didn't have the ones played at
33? and what about the plumtree single where the aside is 45 and the b is
33? did she just own that on time share? am i just being picky?

speaking of picky, i just got long day's ride till tomorrow...on the cover
it says, "contains 72 minutes of music." so why does it only clock in at
70 minutes and 35 seconds? not that this really bothers me...70 minutes is
still a bargain, it's just a false claim. unless anyone else out there got
a different reading...