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new pop show/ben lee


for those in the toronto area i will be airing the ben lee concert that i
taped a couple of weeks ago at the rivoli, this saturday (the 12th) at
midnight on CKLN 88.1fm.  stay tuned after that show because from 1am-3am
sharon and i will be doing our show 7-11.  we will be playing only tracks 7
and 11 off of the hottest pop albums! and we will also be featuring the new
b'ehl album as the slurpee special.  it should be a treat for all popkids,
so please tune in.

alexoxo and sharon*
alexandra                  sarah                          mlynek
i saw two shooting stars last night
i wished on them but they were only satellites
is it wrong to wish on space hardware?
                                 -billy bragg