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Re: eth/julie

On Thu, 10 Jul 1997 merchrd\!/mailserv.mta.ca wrote:

> I believe the two albums are being released on the 24 of August, I'm 
> almost 100% sure of the new Julie album, not so sure of eth, I think it's 
> the same day though.

Actually they were both schedudled for release don the same ddady (Aug 26)
but a bunch of other Sub Pop released dgot pushed back and it looks like
ETh got bumped into Sept. FYI - ETH is only available in Canada and from
Sub Pop mail order.

> On another note, it's no longer Broken GIrl, i think she's just using her 
> name.

according to the subpop site it is listed as Julie Dorion <sp> -
"Loniliest in the Morning". I think ETH is called "Erriestereosound"