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Re: "...Cinnamon Toast 45's Interpretation

As god is my witness, I can't believe that I'm getting sucked into this
discussion, but ......

Perhaps her love of 45's as opposed to 33's is a referent to a love of
music that is singles based as opposed to album based? That the line
implies, in fact, She had the Cinnamon Toast 45's (Singles) but not a
single 33 (Full album)?

Some would suggest that a singles-based love of music (as opposed to an
album-based one) implies a greater love of music's quick jolts of joy;
others would suggest that it implies a cursory and glib enjoyment of the
medium predicated more on instant gratification than deeper appreciation.

I can't believe that I got into this, and it's hardly the strongest track
on the record,

Besides, check out the Minty Elvis Costello "Lyric Lift" on Forever A Day .
Why Costello is so damn under-appreciated by today's young people is beyond
me . Although people who dig 45's more than 33's might have more than a bit
to do with it .......

A co-worker of mine thought that the SFZ were Squeeze,

James Rocchi
Editor, GroovePlanet

James Stewart, 1908 -- 1997. RIP.