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Re: "...Cinnamon Toast 45's but not a single .33"

> I thought that this was a play on words. a .33 and .45 being some
> calibur of
> firearm and also being vinyl record sizes. So, saying she had the
> cinnamon
> toast 45's (records) but not a single .33 (gun)? Am i totally off the
> rocker
> here or what? is there even such a thing as a .33 calibur firearm? Sorry
> for not being the deerslayer gun know-it-all. ;)

I asked my mom and she says the is a such thing as a .33 calibur
firearm. That sort of makes sense, but I hadn't thought about it before.
Oh well, it's good she wouldn't have a gun cause guns are bad, unless
your a cop or something like that.