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Re: Sloan/SFZ

> does this mean she had
>all the singles that played at 45 rpm but didn't have the ones played at
>33? and what about the plumtree single where the aside is 45 and the b is
>33? did she just own that on time share? am i just being picky?

Well, when I think of a 33 I think of an LP, so I always beleived that it
means she doesn't have any LP's , those damn deep and spiritual super
friendz lyrics...it's so hard to pick apart these passionatle hidden
meanings!!! :)

>speaking of picky, i just got long day's ride till tomorrow...on the cover
>it says, "contains 72 minutes of music." so why does it only clock in at
>70 minutes and 35 seconds? not that this really bothers me...70 minutes is
>still a bargain, it's just a false claim. unless anyone else out there got
>a different reading...

I orded the CD from Sappy, and I get around 70 minutes too, but my friend
ordered the LP, and his comes out to over 72 minutes, perhaps a few more
seconds between songs and at the beginning and end of each side adds up when
there's so much stuff.  

Also...someone a while ago asked about the new Jale 7" I remember talking to
Heather about it and she told
me that it was on Eric Masunaga's label out of Boston, so will this be
available in Canada, or will we have to order it from the label (I forget
it's name)

And...in that same letter the person asked when the new Plumtree record will
be out, I was told it would be out in September, I suppose it's on Cinnimon
Toast, but I'm just assuming that.