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sfz & rp

hello sloannet :)

first, to answer Mike's query about the sfz live show... The entire set
list was:
	Green hand
	Down in Flames
	Machine Green
	Absurd Without It ***
	Landing Light
	Blue Tattoo
	Rescue Us From Boredom
	10 lbs.
	Theme Song

Pop Quiz:  1.  what do the Rome Plows sound like?  i know Brendan posted
	       something about them a looong time ago, but i've forgotten
	   2.  some interesting/absurd fact i should know about them
They're playing in Ottawa at the Cave (the only source for EC music?)
Friday night (11th).  Cover wasn't listed in the ad.  And it's 19+.

			...sizzle teen

p.s. in the msg posted to Sloan Net about the jale 7".. distributed by
Sonic Unyon in Canada.  i'm still freaking over the fact that the GORGEOUS
"From a Still" is on it!!!  (too bad it's not a Cheticamp song, eh Poster
Girls? ;) )  If anyone finds out about ordering info, please e-mail me as well

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