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Re: *falls off chair in astonishment*

On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Elaine Hsu wrote:

> Ummm, did anyone else get the surprise I got - I'm assuming that I 
> received ALL of the Sloan net messages that I had ever missed, because I 
> just checked my messages this morning (since last checking yesterday 
> night) and I now have 96 messages from Sloan Net dating back to early 
> June... Anybody else get this?

Well if this had happened on the indiepop-list and I received a backlog 
of posts for 2-3  weeks all at once my mailbox would be flooded with over 
300 messages probably. I think 96 messages is really not alot at all. But 
then it's probably a blessing. At least it signifies that we've cut down 
on all those useless posts that Sloannet used to receive. Ok at this 
point I think I'd better change topic.

I have several questions :

Does anyone have the track listing for the Super Friendz concert which 
aired on Realtime during the CBC anniversary weekend? Well actually I 
just want to know the name of the fourth song they played? (BTW this is 
the concert that aired on Realtime when the SFZ opened for The Doughboys)

When will the new Plumtree CD come out? I heard that it would be 
released this fall? Is that correct? 

Where can I get the new Jale 7"?

And that's all I wrote.


p.s. anyone have the lyrics to the SFZ `Kiss the land'. I'm just 
swooning to that song but I can't really hear all the lyrics and tell if 
it's a love song or an evironmental song.