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Re: *falls off chair in astonishment*

At 06:20 7/09/97 PDT, Elaine Hsu wrote:
>Ummm, did anyone else get the surprise I got - I'm assuming that I 
>received ALL of the Sloan net messages that I had ever missed, because I 
>just checked my messages this morning (since last checking yesterday 
>night) and I now have 96 messages from Sloan Net dating back to early 
>June... Anybody else get this?

yeah, i got 54 when I checked today.....I'm thinking it's only been since
yesterday, maybe I'll have like 4 and boom! Okay, now for the big question:
does anyone know WHY we didn't receive these in the first place and are
just getting them now??

Eat lots of cheese, be nice to your mom,
and everything will turn out okay.