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Sloan on Oddville

Well, I caught Sloan's performance on Oddville MTV last night.
(It will re-air again today (Tuesday) at 7:00 pm EDT/PDT, in 
case anyone missed it.)

Comments...  They sounded really good, but what did you
expect.  :-)

I wasn't sure how they were going to perform with all the
chaos in the background, i.e. the dancing monkey, the
puppets and all the various anomalies, but they did really
well.  Of course, Chris ran over to the dancing monkey
(in an effort to try to get him to take over on bass, I think)
and played with the puppets.  All this before the song
even ended.  The other guys managed to keep their 
collective cool.

They did "The Good in Everyone", BTW.   A good song
to get a little US audience attention.

Well, it was a nice warm-up for this weekend, because
I'll finally get to see the boys again live on Saturday...

Ta for now, fellow Sloannetters!