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Re: Sloan/SFZ

Anyway, I remember the first
>> time I saw the video for Up and Running on Mucheast the I thought the
>> song sounded kind of like Blue Rodeo. Did anyone else notice this too?
>Well now that I think of it the guitar sound in `Up and Running' kind of
>reminds me of the guitar sound in Blue Rodeo's `Till I am Myself again'.
>What does everyone else think?
Hmmm.. If you took both those songs back far enough, they have that total
McGuinn/Byrds Guitar sound -- which, of course, almost 33% of all decent
Pop songs written since 1960's have); another friend of mine claims that
U&R sounds vaguely Who-esque; to me, it sounds somewhat New-Wavey,
especiallly in the start-stop, build-fall dynamics of it; I imagine Matt
Murphy in the "Strange Advance" Red Diagonal-Zipper Leather Top when I hear
his vocal. (Those of you under 20, or Americans, or both can ignore the
above reference.)

	It also, as a song, completley rocks my world, and manages to pull
a Thrush Hermit, in that the song induces me to look back wistfully on
every shitty long-distance relationship that hurt like hell.

James Rocchi
Editor, GroovePlanet

James Stewart, 1908 -- 1997. RIP.