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Re: sloan on Oddville

Ok so what is Oddville you ask?  Well Hmmm it's a little hard to say. 
Alright so it's sorta like a talk show, but it isn't, but it is a talk
show.  Ok so we have that straight. Now so you see the show will bring on
some sort of TV, movie star, or some sort of recognizable person(i.e.
Kurt Loder, Matt Pinfiled, that guy from the movie Clueless, etc.).  The
host(I forgot his name) will asks them the standard questions "So...your
new movie comes out, oh boy and is that Sandra Bullock hot or what!" 
Then all these funny college students come out and do dumb stuff(i.e. a
guy "floated" a grape over his mouth then ate it, two people where duct
taped together, a rappin' grandma, you get the drift).  Then there will
be a band on, and usually it is a band that normally does not get talked
about or their video seen on MTV.  And really in my IMHO that's the only
good part about the show.  Basically I really don't care for the show,
but that is what it's all about.

On Mon, 7 Jul 1997 01:50:28 -0400 pip <rnoth\!/mail.wincom.net> writes:
>        well, whatever the heck Oddville is (i'm a canuck without even
>cable, so....), Sloan will be on it on Monday at 11pm and Tuesday at 
>7pm, i
>think...it was in the recent issue of RockOnTV that you can get sent 
>to you...to all Americans or sattellite owners, what is the show like 
>what goes on?....if anyone is willing to tape it and somehow work out 
>trade with me, i'd be greatful....only if it's a half decent bit on 
>boys, of course...
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