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Hey, there sloanneters! You still alive out there? I thought of some
things to talk about since it's been pretty dead lately. 

1. I remember awhile back someone mentionned something about a rumored
Intimate & Interactive with Sloan on Muchmusic. Was this only a rumor or
might it happen in the future?

2. As far as I know the latest sloan single is G tunrs to D.(at least
that's what I heard the last time I listened to a commercial radio
station) Does anyone know if there is a video in the works for this
song? Maybe we could come up with some funny ideas for the video just to
keep us entertained for awhile.

3. I finally got the new SFZ album for my birthday on Friday. It's very
good, which I guess goes without saying. Anyway, I remember the first
time I saw the video for Up and Running on Mucheast the I thought the
song sounded kind of like Blue Rodeo. Did anyone else notice this too?