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Re: EW review and NSCAD exhibition

Elaine Hsu noted:

}I was wondering if anybody had caught Much East yesterday - they did 
}this thing on this art exhibition in Halifax, organised by Catherine 
}Stockhausen. The exhibition is showcasing work of local Halifax music 
}groups who were associated with the Nova Scotia College of Art and 
}Design - including Sloan. The show has a lot of neat stuff like original 
}art work, phographs, album covers, and preliminary album art that was 
}never used. I unfortunately was unable to catch where the exhibition is 
}at, but you can probably contact NSCAD and ask if you are in the Halifax 
}area. Or maybe perhaps someone here on Sloannet knows? Well, the show 
}runs until this Sat. July 12th, so you'd better hurry to catch a 

Anna Leonowens Gallery, at NSCAD, smack in the middle of downtown.  
I've not gone yet but I do hope to see it.  I'm pretty sure it's 
been discussed in The Coast and probably the Daily News, so you can 
try their websites for more info.  And if anyone has a 1982 NSCAD 
Sonic Youth gig poster, they're looking for you!

}And on a totally unrelated note, I heard that next year KISS will be 
}releasing a feature length cartoon movie a la Yellow Submarine. This 
}should make a certain group of guys happy, eh?

Who?  Sloan, Thrush Hermit, or the Fans From Hell? :)