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Re: Sloan on Oddville MTV

>This was easily the most entertaining thing I've ever seen.  Anyone who
>missed it, please check it out tomorrow at 7pm (EDT) when it repeats. This is
>something that cannot be given justice to in print...just know you should see
>it for yourself. 
>Sloan is only on for the last 3 minutes, but you should watch the whole show.
> It's a good framework for the performance.  They played "The Good in
>Everyone" and at the end Chris did his pass along the bass thing to a large
>dancing monkey.  Go figure!
>Still laughing  *jane 

i don't get mtv unfortunately. i don't suppose that anyone could record a
copy of the whole show for me?  i'd pay for the postage and tape of course.
thanks in advance!