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Re: are you there sloannet? it's me cat.

>>>does anybody know if the sloan appearance at the emd convention on the
twenty-eighth o' july is a go or not? i, as well as many others, are dying
to know the answer to this. even if it's bad news. anybody? in fact, does
anybody know what the emd convention IS?<<<


It's the regional meetings of Sloan's US distributor.  I'm pretty sure it's
not open to the public, but really can't even confirm whether it's happening
or not.

My girlfriend recently worked for EMD, but since she doesn't anymore, I'm out
of the loop.  A Murder customer service rep might have the 411.

I don't want to discourage you, but in the past it's just a closed regional
meeting thing in some hotel somewhere.  You may be able to sneak in or