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What a weekend in St. John's!

Well it looks as though all the Furnace Face shows in St. John's were a
success the last weekend!

I finally got to meet fellow Sloannetters Erika and Sarah face to face
which is much better than this internet thing. Furnace Face rocked! as did
all the opening bands (no biases here) Bucket Truck, PotatoBug, Molotov
Smile and Jupiter Landing. I had a great time and it seems as though
everyone else did too! I saw a lot of faces at all three Furnace Face shows
(thursday, saturday and sunday) which just shows how well these guys go
over here in Newfoundland.

Anyway, just a quick post to let the world know that things are not dead in
the water here in Newfoundland. 

I heard a rumour that MuchEast will be joining us here in August... any

http://www.bigkahoona.com/buckettruck (super-cool band website!)