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>        The Inbreds are from Kingston, to my knowledge, but they recently
>moved to Halifax....there was a good article on them recently in
>Chart...they have a website, but i forget the location....
>        i have a question about The inbreds too...does anyone know the
>correct way to order stuff direct from them???....address?

The website address is <www.xe.net/inbreds/>, but if you've heard
<www.inbreds.com>, that works too, just takes a bit longer.

The web page does have a PF Records catalogue, and a mailing address for
the Inbreds, but neither mention anything about the other, so I don't know
if you can order stuff direct from them, but here's the Inbreds' P.O. Box

                        Box 873
                        Halifax, Nova Scotia
                        B3J 2V9

You might want to try writing to them and ask what the proper way to order
stuff from them is.


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