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Re: Jay F. on MM

>I was just talking on the phone with Much Music on mute, and when I looked
>up, who should I see talking to Bill what's-his-name but a certain
>mop-haired member of Sloan in a really grand Pepsi sweater.  I didn't catch
>any of what Jay was talking about, but if my calculations and my TV Guide
>are correct, it should be repeated between 9:45 and 11:00 tonight, Toronto
>time.  (Sorry, I'm useless with time zones!)
>Many happy wishes, Sloannetters, for a great '97.

Well, I caught it, at a little after 11, here in NB. Bill was really
annoying me. He obviously knew nothing about the band. He was talking to
Jay, and could only remember the name of OCTA after a few seconds of
thinking. He also said that Sloan had 3 singers, and Jay corrected him, and
told him that Andrew Scott sang too, and he has a video out. He said that
everyone in the band had at least one video, and Bill just kinda goes "Oh."
I guess Bill never saw People Of The Sky. He did ask a few decent questions
though, like how do they pick who gets to have their song as a single. Jay
said they picked The Lines You Amend because radio stations were already
playing it, so they decided to go through with it, and make a video for the
song. Jay said the idea for the video came when they saw a picture of the
Rolling Stones playing live, with the people right up against the stage,
without all the barriers, like they have now. He also said something about
the first of the video, when they show all the stills taken the day of the
video, they were making it look like a movie made in the 60's (can't
remember the name. Anybody else??). Bill also said about how one time he
said something about not getting the thing at the start of "the first
video...whats it called??" then Jay tells him and he goes "Oh right, The
Good In Everyone." He then goes on to say he received mail telling him it
was about another movie (can't remember the name of this one either. I've
got a horrible memory.), and Jay was amazed that Bill got mail about Sloan.
This is getting long, and I probably got alot of it wrong, but anyway. They
then showed the video for The Lines You Amend, which I watched for the third
time, but stupid me forgot to tape it. Oh well, I'm sure I'll have another
chance. And yes, it was an awfully cool Pepsi shirt. Later.