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Hi. Everyone. I'm a new sloannet member.Thought I'd interduce myself. It's Ryan Wheeler here and i have lot's to share with you in the coming future. look forward to that.
Now I may be a little early in asking favours but.. is anyone willing to sell any of the following items...
Eric's Trip:
	Any of the 4 indie cass. before 93'
	Belong 7"
	Float 7"
	Song about Chris EP (preferably 6 song CD)
   Comp. tracks from:
	Raw Enery: On the Road
	Teenage zit rock...
	Six Feet Under..
	Fish & Shit.
Stereo Mountain
	 7" promo that came with mailorder "Forever again" 
	Socket to me 
	Space odd-ditties 7"

If you have just one of these Items please, continue...
Now here's a more down to earth question: If you are not willing to sell any of these, mabye you are willing to trade mix tapes. If not trade than sell. I'd pay you, send you the tape, and pay the postage all ways for just one or more of these recording. ET is my life.
We could even trade mix tapes. just e-mail me what you're looking for and I'll see if I have it. I have everything not listed but ET. Such as tracks "Lost inside" live, Only Gonna Die(live Bad Religion Cover) and many others. 
Don't laugh at my attempts, i just NEED these recording. BADLY! inany format.
thanx everyone for helping me. and i hope to get bucket loads of responces
Remember even just one song is worth contacting me about.
THanx again, 

Ryan Wheeler.