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Re: Eric's Trip 7"

Ok so I am right now looking at the Eric's Trip/Moviola 7" right now as I
type.  I think it is still available but I am not sure.  The address for
metoo! records is...
metoo! Records
841 Whither
Grosse Pointe, MI

I hope that helps y'all.  It's a great 7" " Pillow(red)" is a cool song. 
It plays at 45rpm, which struck me as odd, and the Moviola songs are
actually pretty cool!  Oooo I think that Derivative Records repressed the
Warm Girl 7".  Or maybe I just got lucky by the stroke of genius.

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On Mon, 30 Dec 1996 00:27:21 -0500 (EST) mercuri\!/accent.net (dina starr)
>>In the meantime I'm after the Eric's Trip/Moviola 7" and know nothing
>>about it, ifo would be great as well as what label put it out and 
>hullo.....i tried to order that 7" a while ago from melt records but 
>don't have anymore....i think 'me too' put it out....dunno the address 
>anything....thats all i know about that. hopefully that was slightly
>helpful...if not well...whatever.
>-dina starr*