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Re: Eric's Trip 7"

It was put out on Me Too, but it's also available on Derivative.
Just send $3.75 US or $4.50 CDN to:
po box 42031
montreal, que.
H2W 2T3

| From: Stephen Goodal <shaggy\!/pathcom.com>
| To: Sloannet <sloannet\!/bluenose.canadaweb.com>
| Subject: Eric's Trip 7"
| Date: Sunday, December 29, 1996 11:27 AM
| Hi everybody, I just wanted all of you who sent me offers for the Belong
| 7" that I did sell it fo $35.  I would have liked to given each of you a
| response but I got over 50 offers and was also in the process of moving
| at the time so it was hard since my computer wasn't up.  Sorry to all
| those who wanted it, if I had more I would love to give you each one
| cause it's great.  If I do get ahold of another I'll keep all those of
| you who mailed me on my list and you'll be the first to know.
| In the meantime I'm after the Eric's Trip/Moviola 7" and know nothing
| about it, ifo would be great as well as what label put it out and when.
| 					Thanks Shaggy