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Toronto residents: Winter Lunacy Record Fair

Southern Ontario folks,

If you've got any spare cash from Christmas, check out the Winter Lunacy record
fair at the 360 Club in Toronto, this Saturday, December 28th. No admission
and there will be tons of bands and labels there.

EC Content: I'll be bringing my copies of the Tara S'appart "Little" 7", so if
you haven't been able to buy it, or want to save mailorder charges, get it from
the Ramona table. $5, no mark-up, taxes, 'r anything. (I don't think it's
in Toronto stores yet.)


Patrick Wilkins        2B Independent Studies, University of Waterloo
                 Imprint Newspaper and CKMS 100.3 FM

                    Upcoming Ramona Records Shows:
 Ramona \!/ The Winter Lunacy Record Fair -- 360 Club, Toronto, December 28
               Chris Butcher w/Wilt -- Korova, January 4
     4-Star Movie w/Bumblepuppy, Matthew Osborne -- Korova, January 24

        Craig Cardiff's "Stuck Up In Outer Space" available now!