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* Quahogs *

dann wrote:
i just pulled out my old quahogs 7" from cinnamon toast and found myself 
thinking "damn this is good." have they released anything else?
signed to a major? broke up?  

Well, as far as I know the Quahogs are a part of history (and have been 
since not too long after the single came out). The closest thing to the 
Quahogs was to be seen by the people who went to the Christmas Fund-Raiser
at Birdland, there was a performance with Scott Tappen (of the Quahogs) and
someone from sloan (I didn't quite recognise him, but I don't think it 
was Chris Murphy). And the drummer from the Hermit and someone from Tim 
Robbins Experience. It was a hardcore cover set. Nuff said. 
You can find some Quahog content on Trike, Scott (I think plays drums?) is
in that band now, which I don't even know if it's still very active, 
though I suspect they are.

PS. I hope everyone has a swell christmas.